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Walking and in the meantime tasting from a rich history. Want to be amazed by traces from a distant past or enjoy recent architecture? It's all possible in Ghent!

Ghent is not only the city of the Ghent Festivities, but it is also a university city, a port city and one of the Flemish art cities. It is a city that is alive 24 hours a day. The fascinating history and the historical patrimony of Ghent are ideal for a guided visit.

Fancy a nice cultural-historical trip with your family, friends, association or company? Do you want to get to know Ghent, get old memories from your student days or simply enjoy the city where you come every day?

I would like to take you on one of my walks. Much is possible. Everything is customized. Feel free to contact me for more information!

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Thé touristical walk through Ghent! We look at the ten most famous places in the city centre. I guide you through 20 centuries of history of this city that was founded at the confluence of two rivers: from its origins to the present. Get to know the dragon on the belfry, enjoy The Mystic Lamb, discover how the street scene was changed for the World Exhibition in 1913 and be amazed by various picturesque spots!


A walk for those who don't know Ghent yet, or want to look at it with new eyes ...

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There are so many stories to tell about Ghent. Do you know that it haunts 'the Geeraard the Devil Castle'? And have you heard that the French king Louis XVIII exchanged Paris for Ghent and ruled his country from the Veldstraat? And that no one less than Mozart played the organ here as a little boy, did you know that?



A walk for those who like to listen to stories and want to look with confidence at familiar facades ...

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In 2020, Ghent honors the Flemish Master Jan van Eyck. During this walk we go back to Ghent in 1432: the year in which van Eyck completed his masterpiece 'the Adoration of the Mystic Lamb' (or 'Ghent Altarpiece'). On the basis of his paintings we explore, among other things, the splendor in the Prinsenhof, the harsh life of the craftmen, the knight ideal of the Golden Fleece and relaxation in the stew ...


A walk where the seven senses are stimulated. A must for the Van Eyck year!


Group reservations can be made by sending an email to

Are you alone or with a few people? Do not hesitate to join other individual visitors. You will find all information and data on my page on Tripadvisor. Reservations can be made via Tripadvisor or with an email to (if you state the discount code "VAN EYCK", you will receive a 10% discount!).


How to reach Ghent on foot, by bicycle, car, public transport, by ship or plane can be found on the Visit Gent website.


To find a parking space at the airport, please visit the Fly & Park website.

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