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My name is Wim Provoost. I studied history and religious studies. These were untill a few years ago the topics I teached students in a secondary school in Ghent. Now I am the principa of the same school. I don't read books, I devour them. Visiting exhibitions and museums are my second nature ...


In my spare time I like to show people around in Ghent and to guide them through the well-known - and less well-known - corners of the city. Making people stand still and help them look in silent admiration at places they might have walked past hundreds of times ... Or just the opposite? I want the many tourists - who sometimes have only a few hours to enjoy the rich past - to taste our city ... How cool is that?

I am a certified Ghentian guide. In June 2019, after a guide training, I obtained the 'guide card'. This guarantees a qualitative and professional tour.

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